Zara Watson

Shot with Eddie twice now and already planned our next shoots! Absolute pleasure to work with!!! Ridiculous amounts of fun are had, as well as getting the most amazing images. Even if you don’t shoot with Eddie, just go for a cuppa with him!! He’s a true Gem!!! :) Eddie challanged and pushed my styles, and I am soooo grateful that he did, as i am thrilled with what we achieved. I love his style in photography and personality, and he puts his personality into his photography for sure! I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a fantastic photographer, I feel I have learnt alot from him and this is sooo appreciated!!! 110% recommended! Cant wait until next time! :-p Thanks a trillion!! 😀 x

Annie Moya

If you want a scary, high pressured, nerve wracking type of shoot where you are worked very hard to the point where you have no energy left then Eddie really isn’t your man!

However If you do want somebody who has a great sense of fun, who is highly mischievous with an eye for creativity then you really should contact Eddie for a shoot… I had a blast on our shoot, I enjoyed working through the poses and the Polaroid camera’s were awesome. We did work hard but it didn’t feel like work and the time passed by so quickly.

I hope to have the chance to work with Eddie and I would most highly recommend him to all!


Lean on me when you’re not strong

And I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on

For it won’t be long

’Til I’m gonna need SOMETHING to leeeeeeeean on!! ;-P

The 3 Bs equivalent to the Bee’s knees – Barmy, bonkers, and brilliant. A total blast :-)

Very highly recommended.

Katie Ollivant

What can I say about Eddie that the other models haven’t already described. . . .Oh yes. . . I have some of my best Images to date from this shoot and I’ve been modelling for about 6 to 7 years now :) Don’t think you can get better feedback than this! Top guy too, highly recommended to anybody who has the chance to work with him x

Caperucita Roja

A shoot with Eddie is a super special opportunity! He’s a true artist, he’s super fun to work with and he’s a real gentleman! For me, he turned into a good friend and teacher :)


I stayed with Eddie over the weekend for a shoot. Eddie is charming, fun, a fantastic host and of course wonderful photographer. Eddie really wanted me to push myself out of my comfort zone and do something a little different to the figure work that normally makes up the bulk of what I do. I will not pretend I found it easy but Eddie was calm and patient and gave fantastic advice. I really feel I have learnt a lot from spending time around Eddie and am so pleased we got to work together, he has definitley proved inspirational and helped me to develop as a model. Thank you Eddie :-)

Amber Tutton

I work with Eddie loadssss…. i am the model you’ll see doing most of his workshops & a few tutorials, he’s BONKERS to say the least!!

Eddie has his own style and everyone wants it! he can get some crazy idea’s by the silliest little things for his images…he had me and another model Jen Brook leaning on walls in our pj’s in manchester, LEANING WITH OUR HEADS!!

He may be bonkers but i’ve met some of the most amazing people through him, had the most spectacular experiences, and the MOST WONDERFUL food!!!

very lucky

highly recommended. 😀

Worked with Eddie in London, third time I’ve worked with him and he is still the GOD of photography! love the way he works, and he’s actually got a sense of humour. recommended to anyone! A**

Worked with Eddie twice, once on a tutorial another on a shoot that we planned.. I felt totally comfortable with him, he doesn’t pretend to be something he isn’t.. The way he works is outrageous awesome (that’s the best way to describe it) he really let me express myself.. i could go on for weeks how great he is, or i could just say, WOW HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 😀 look forward to working with him again.. x


I attended a tuition day with Eddie and found him to not only be extremely patient and informative but a down to earth and funny guy

I would recommend any photographer who was thinking of attending tuition with Eddie to book it now as I found it to be extremely informative and am looking forward to it affecting my future photography

Thanks Eddie for a great day

Jen Brook

I had a brief evening shoot with Eddie recently in Manchester during one of his many trips up North. I had been keen to meet Eddie because I am big fan of his work. I am increasingly passionate towards the cinematic style of shooting which Eddie is great at. I had such a laugh with Eddie and John (Clarke) and we are already arranging our next catch up for a proper shoot. Looking forward to it already!


Eddie is very talented and creative . Was great to have shoot with him :)

Elle Black

Finally got the chance to shoot with the amazing Eddie! Having seen his stuff, especially Polaroid, for a long time; I was very excited to work with him and most certainly wasn’t disappointed! He is a truly wonderfully creative chap and thinks not just outside the box, but that there never was a box! A really cool, fun, lovely chap on top of all that. Absolutely fantastic.

Roseanne 88

Had my first shoot with the lovely Eddie

You don’t need me to tell u he’s talented as you can see how creative and stunning his work is. Eddie is extremley down to earth and proffesional. Fab ideas and his attention to detail is immaculate ! Also had a laugh and great conversation! Highly reccommended and hope to get to work with the talented Eddie again

Kate Errington

I was booked by Eddie to model for a tutorial he was holding for an amateur photographer. We then had a shoot ourselves after and the following day and it was a real pleasure. Eddie is so much fun, very chatty, funny and great to be around and I got this vibe from him as soon as I started speaking to him online.

We got some amazing shots and worked really well together. An absolute star and lovely guy and look forward to all the future shoots we have 😀 mwah xx


I had an awesome time with Eddie, he was friendly, professional and always up for a laugh. I also stayed over and he was a wonderful host and made sure I was comfortable and safe.

I’ve wanted to shoot with him for a long time wasnt disappointed! Would 100% recommend him.

I can’t wait to see the final results!

Thanks Eddie


Kinky n sweet

I had an absolutley fabulous shoot with Eddie last weekend. Great communication prior to the shoot. Felt at ease and welcomed as soon as i arrived. Hes very professional and fun and had excellent ideas and concepts. LOVE the final images and would definitley work with Eddie again. Cant recommend him enough :-).


Elizzabeth James

Eddie is so much fun! a complete prankster and a wonderful host.

Eddie picked me up from the station and was understanding toward my complications with transport, gave the direction I needed and provided me with images I absolutely love!

I hope to work with Eddie in future.

Highly recommended.

Purple Heather

I had the most amazing shoot with Eddie yesterday! He is just totally brilliant, he’s so funny and had me laughing all afternoon. It was so easy to arrange as his communication is excellent and when I got there he made me feel really welcome. This is the furthest I’ve ever driven to a shoot and it was absolutely worth it, I loved every minute of it! I’m so pleased with the photos and want to work with him again soon! I highly recommend him! Thanks for a great day! Heather

Joel Hicks

Enjoyed a fantastic shoot with Eddie today, and model Allegra, working at couples erotica. A very professional photographer, Eddie gave clear direction from behind the lens and knew exactly the type of image he was trying to capture – the shots straight from the camera looked sensational. Great sense of humour and fun to work with – brilliant guy.

Polly Moore

Eddie is incredible photographer who makes wonderful images! What’s more it was the funniest photo shoot I have ever had. Don’t believe him when he is telling *I am crazy*, in fact, Eddie is unique person who has very good personal characteristics. I highly recommend his to everyone and I hope to work with him again someday.


Jade Crean MUA

I have worked with Eddie a couple of times now and would definitely not hesitate to work with him again! He is such a great photographer with brilliant ideas about what he wants to achieve from each shoot (despite pretending to not know what he’s doing). He’s also a lovely person and such good fun to work with!

Victoria Summers

Wow wow wow!

What an amazing shoot I had with Eddie! It was so much fun I enjoyed every second! He is such a lovely guy and we had a laugh! He is so creative and I cant wait to see the results :-) Thank you so much! Hope we can work again ooo errrr 😉

Casey B

Had my first shoot with edie today and what can I say that hasn’t already been said but he really has to be one of the most lovely guys I’ve ever met :) the shoot was brilliantly random, wacky and totally mad but sooooo much fun. This man is a genius and so talented I’m over the moon that I got to work with him and 1000percent recommended :) xx

Paige Ryan

Always a pleasure and never a pain 😉

Worked with Eddie lots now and he’s random, Creative and has more camera’s than Jessops!!

Work with this chap… You will not be disappointed 😉

Sami C

Had a crazy shoot with Eddie yesterday. He’s a great guy and brilliant photographer. and no matter how much he denies I’m sure he has a bit of a foot fetish 😉

If you get the chance to work with Eddie, grab it wont both hands, you wont be dissappointed!!


Been wanting to shoot with Eddie for a while now and finally it happened! The time flew by because I talk a lot(sorry) and because Eddie is such a fun, upbeat, easy going guy! He is one of the most creative people I’ve worked with because he thinks outside the box and likes to experiment which is how he gets such original and interesting images. Eddie is clearly one of the BEST photographers on Purestorm and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again. highly recommended by me! :-)

Emma J Black

Ooooo Errrr! :)

Had a brilliant time shooting with Eddie last weekend, It was so much fun and we got up to all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

We created lots of things from soft and sensual to pure filth.

The best way to describe shooting with Eddie is creative chaos! :)

He not afraid to try out different things and take risks which when it works makes some amazing photos and when it doesn’t makes for a good laugh.

Would definitely work with him again and I hope I do!

If you get the chance to work with Eddie don’t pass it up! :)


Oooeer! A great shoot with Eddie today. He’s funny, relaxed and a total pervert! He had some cool ideas, executed well, good direction and he fed me as well. Cant wait to see the images we created together.

Dee Elegia

I’ve wanted to shoot with Eddie for aaaages! So imagine my joy when he agreed to let me do so…

I have been a big admirer of his work and after meeting and shooting with him, I’m now a huge fan of Eddie himself. He’s so much fun, a bit crazy (which I love) and extremely, extremely good at what he does. I don’t think I’ve met a photographer yet who is nearly as good at capturing a model’s individuality, as Eddie is.

He was very patient with me and really helped me to let go more during shooting. I love the voyeuristic elements of his approach to shots, and there was always a lot of communication from him explaining what he was trying to do etc. His knowledge is spot-on when it comes to photography, I think the work speaks volumes on that.

I am more than a little excited about seeing the final results of our shoot – excited would be an understatement! And I highly recommend that everyone beat’s a path to Eddies door, should they get the chance.

Thank you Eddie. :-)

Dee x


Attended my 3rd event run by Eddie and the 2Kingstreet team and I think he has just about remembered who I am ;p

Brilliantly organised as usual, it ran extremely smoothly throughout the day making it a perfect days shooting, great models, superb location and fantastic organisers.

Cheers Eddie and team.



Eddie was one again the perfect host at the 2 king street event he organised for yesterday. He was always happy to have a laugh, a chat and offer advice – and it was good to see him again.

A true gent, an excellent photographer and I’ll gladly attend any event he has his name on.

Thanks as always,



Worked with Eddie today at his home.. was an absolute pleasure to meet him and work with him!

He’s so unique in what he does, has such an amazing eye for creativity in photography and knows exactly what he wants which makes the shoot go smoothly. He’s easy to get on with, an absolute legend. So genuine.. so Not – sarcastic 😛 … ha He has a great sense of humour which always makes the shoot more fun! Felt very comfortable with him.

Can’t wait to see the results! Thanks again Eddie! Hope to work with you again in the future! :) x

Autumn UK

Had a brief shoot with Eddie whilst checking out a studio, got to mess around with his holga and fujiroid camera which was fun! Eddie is very easy to get along with and the shoot was fun and relaxed. Quick turn around of images also. I would recommend Eddie to others and would love to work with him again should the opportunity arise.

Alex Browning

I had a tuition session with Eddie in late March. I’ve put off writing a review until I fully absorbed what I’d learnt and would be able to quantify and verbalise into a short piece of feedback.

This is not ‘what the buttons do’ tuition, its not a step by step program. Its not a ‘how to work with a model’ course.

At the risk of sounding somewhat existential, what this tuition is, is an accurate and well thought out deconstruction of your own shooting style presented in a slightly mental (in a good way) way. Its tuition about yourself and how you work, and how you could evolve your style or experiment with your style to produce different results.

What Eddie will point out is obvious, but its the kind of obvious that you don’t see until someone points it out, which I realise might not make much sense reading it back, but should be taken in a positive way – and thats the key thing, the obvious can be pointed out bluntly, but its done in a constructive way rather than a confrontational one.

Just so I’m clear, as I realise the above is potentially vague, I recommend Eddie as a tutor as you’re pretty much guaranteed to learn something a little bit different and a little bit special (again, in a good way).


Monika T

I have worked with Eddie for the second time now, although the first when he had a chance to actualy shoot me! He is great fun to work with and to be around. He made me feel very comfortable and made sure I had plenty of this amazing green tea to drink (yum) 😉

Eddie has some amazing ideas and we have produced some great pictures.

Thank you!


Erin X

Had my first shoot with Eddie this week. After wanting to work with him for a while it was well and truely worth the wait!

The day was so much fun! 😀 relaxed and i even got to play with a few cameras! 😀 😀

Eddie is a great guy and i love the way he works. He really helped me become even more expressive! Even if it ment dancing like no ones watching to get it all out! lol 😀

Not only a lovely person, very professional and made me feel most welcome in his home. 😀 Thank you once again! 😀 x

Desye K

Eddie is one of a small number of photographers I’ve had the pleasure of working and discussing with.

He is an absolute star and comes highly recommended – to both models and photographers!


Had a pleasure to meet Eddie on a group shoot he organized in Leicester this weekend.

Such a lovely person he is, extremely friendly, welcoming, caring, great organizing and event arrangements, helpful, professional and wonderful personality.

And I absolutely love his work, such a creative soul !

I hope to have a chance to work with sometime in a future.

Thank you for fantastic event !

Dido Wend

I enjoyed a very relaxed and fun shoot with Eddie – he has a great sense of humour and it’s a great pleasure to work with! Also, he provides great directions and I think the quality of his pics talks for itself. Highly recommended!


Well well… Eddie is a complete nutjob! Totally insane but has soooo much knowledge! This was my most crazy shoot :)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with eddie. He’s a top photographer and knows exactly what works and what doesn’t – and gives great direction!

As well as producing some awesome images he really made me feel relaxed!

I wouldn’t hesitate in reccomending this truly fantastic guy! If you get the opportunity to work with him I’d grab it with two hands!!!

This was the first of Many opportunities together I’m sure!

Laurie x

Tyrannosaurus Bex

I shot art nude and erotica with Eddie today to kick off the new year and I had such a good time! He really brings the best out of a model (if they can stop themself from laughing too much!) and I’m SO excited to see what he does with the final shots! He adds a personal style to all his work and I can’t wait to be able to display some in my portfolio =]


I had a shoot with Eddie a couple of weeks ago at my home. He’s brilliant fun to work with and a lovely person. But most of all, his work is stunning! I’d highly recommend.x

Adreena UK

Had a test shoot with Eddy. Was great to work with such a creative person. totally thinks out side the box which is very refreshing. Looking forward to our next shoot.


I enjoyed Eddie’s hospitality for the last few days and can’t praise him enough. He took good care of me while I was staying with him, is a complete gentleman in all respects and is excellent company.

He’s also one of the most creative people I’ve worked with and despite his claims, an excellent photographer with a clear idea of what he wants to achieve.

Hannah Ashlea

I shot with Eddie for a few hours in Covent Garden yesterday and what can I say!? I had the best time! Eddie knows exactly how to relax his models whilst getting incredible pictures and having fun all at the same time. I really can’t wait to shoot with him again and I highly recommend you get in touch right this minute for a shoot with him!


I finally got the chance to shoot with Eddie today – despite many protestations, he does actually know what he’s doing and I’m eagerly anticipating putting the adding the images to my portfolio! Great guy (mildly insane) and a great photographer too – any model would be lucky to shoot with him.

Not long before I kidnap him for the next shoot :)

Hailey Lauren

Eddie was an amazing photographer who I am very pleased to have worked with. He made me feel very comfortable, and the combination of both of our creative energies allowed us to have a great shoot. I have only seen images so far from his viewfinder, but I am very excited to see the end result. He is a perfectionist behind the camera, and I have no doubt that this will shine through in his images. He is truly talented, with a great personality, and would be a great addition to your portfolio. Thanks Eddie!

Who’s that girl

Eddie is passionate about his photography!

I travelled with him around Scotland, stayed in some of the best hotels visited the best fish&chip cafe known to man!

Had a awesome time, created amazing imagery which I still have yet to see!

If what I saw on the view finder is just as impressive when Eddie has worked his magic than I am sure it will be a much needed addition to my portfolio

I WILL be travelling to more destinations with Eddie to work on creating more images which are port worthy for us both!


Chrissie Red

Worked with Eddie while he was up in Scotland recently, had a pretty laid back spare of the moment shoot in my apartment late one evening. He was easy to work with and gave clear direction when needed. Looking forward to seeing the pictures 😀

Chrissie x


Had a shoot with Eddie at Hotel Du Vin in Glasgow, Great photographer, very laid back and fun.

Recommended :)

Nicole x


I had a shoot with eddie , and his creativity and drive for perfection has inspired me to work even harder to achieve great results which never come easy in life . i had two themed shoots over two days i have never had such a varied shoot even though eddie is very perticular with his goals and expectations it shows from his work and the results he gets. on the other hand he was one of the most friendly , crazy , funny and caring people ive ever met. the shoot was deffinatley something to remember and cant wait till the next.

Highly recommened.

Thank you so much eddie :)x

Aesir Rey

Eddie was one of the organisers of a workshop I attended this weekend.

Thoroughly decent chap and couldn’t recommend him more.

I felt I really came away from that workshop with not just great images but new friends too.

Tiffany Jayne

Had a freaky, crazy, cool shoot…the kind i like. i can say 95% of the shoot we laughed and mooned passers by =P and the other 5% we worked well together to get the best results on a 50p plastic camera haha.I can’t wait to work with eddie again he’s a gem.


I had a very fun time shooting with Eddie and his cousin Maria in her fantastic studio. Eddie had gone to the trouble of arranging a very unique location and designer jewellery. He also provided me with some lunch 😀 Eddie is a very experimental photographer and I enjoyed being shot with a holga and a polaroid as well as his normal camera. It was fun to dance around being photographed without having to worry about looking silly. I loved it. A lot of models would have to be a bit daft to turn down a TF shoot with this guy, I loved working with him.

True definition

Eddy is hopefully going to become a regular at my Studio. He’s well organised, professional and a pleasure to do business with.

E Rosanne

Had an awesome day with Eddie.

He has some amazing ideas, and a really great eye – he knows what he wants to create and it’s usually something way out of the ordinary!

As a photographer his style is… refreshingly unconventional – in a very good way!

Took me out of my ‘comfort zone,’ and yet I never, at any point, felt uncomfortable.

Great guy, great photographer, great photos.

I think I’m done gushing compliments now. :-p

Jody Maginnis

Well what can i say about Eddie, Prob too much too put in here. After wanting to shoot with Eddie for a While i finally had the got the opportunity to. Woohoo. Eddie is the most fun photographer ive ever worked with (mad as a hatter) Had me laughing all the time. He is very talented and creative and brought me out my comfort zone ive never had so much direction from a photographer before and i loved it.

Thanks Eddie i had an amazing time working with you.


Nudey Butt

Nudey popped into Eddie’s for a wee visit and shoot whilst on her tour….we had a fun and creative shoot which was great! Eddie claims to be a GWNC (guy with no clue) but I recon he does….he knows that he wants to have fun and create some outstanding and rememberable images! Fabulous gent and extremely talented! Cheers, Nudey


I had a 2 day shoot with Eddie this week and am slightly stuck for words!! This was an AMAZING shoot – I had a fantastic time and Eddie brought a lot of things out of me that I never thought I had. He is a kind, modest and encouraging photographer and, though I initially felt a little out of my depth, he made me feel instantly relaxed and ready to go. I feel that I have learnt a lot from our shoot and the direction that Eddie gave was fantastic. It goes without saying, but I would definitely recommend working with this immensly talented photographer – I’ve seen a different side to myself and have a great couple of days to look back on. Thank you so much, Eddie. Allegra


I have wanted to work with Eddie for quite some time and today had the opportunity…and I’m very glad I did! The time went by very quickly, which to me is always a good sign as it shows that the shoot was fun and interesting. Eddie is highly creative yet open to ideas. He is professional, talented and most importantly, insanely funny!

Gabby 21

After wanting to work with Eddie for quite a while I managed to get to shoot with him. His images speak for themselves really, he is a highly talented guy!

Eddie was super friendly and I felt comfortable in his presence imeadiately. He kept me fed and watered throughout the day with coffee, teas and tasty snacks, which was much appreciated! :-)

Eddie saw what was my portfolio was lacking and really tried to add somthing different and unique to it. He worked me harder than iv ever been worked on a shoot but I learned so much from him and the results are fab and I have a brand spanking new main pic 😀

Thanks Eddie, really enjoyed the shoot (I don’t think i’ll ever have as crazy a shoot as the one we did)!!

Highly recommended to all models.


Had my second shoot with Eddie yesterday, he is an amazing photographer whom i trust 100%. Had a crazy whacky time and still smiling thinking about it. Thoroughlly enjoyed it. Thanks Eddie. Highly recommended

Had a 2 day shoot with Eddie this weekend gone.

WOW!! What a great photographer, absolutely love the work he has done and have received some amazing pictures already. Very hospitable, fun, friendly and great to get on with and the weekend went nowhere, was time to say goodbye too soon.

Really enjoyed myself, thanks Eddie, would love to work with you again in the future xx

Andromeda X

What can I say about shooting with Eddie…? A crazy, fun experience from start to finish! A complete nutcase in the best possible way, I laughed almost the whole time. Eddie managed to get me to do things way outside what I would normally do, and I loved the results! I cannot recommend working with this chap highly enough, he is awesome. :)

Phil 1283

Well what can i say, Awesome! It was an absolute pleasure to work with Eddie, from the communication prior to the shoot to the shoot itself, everything was fantastic. Eddie was very professional, funny & extremley helpful with direction ( we just couldnt quite direct that smile of mine haha) and general advice. Today was the most educational shoot i have ever been on, Shooting with Eddie can only improve you & your ability to model.

Rachael C

Coming back to Eddies profile to leave feedback puts a smile on my face, actually no, it makes me laugh out loud!

What an absolutely cracking time we had! I stayed with Eddie over the weekend and I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever laughed so much on a shoot! We got some brilliant images and also some hilarious ones! Jumping around and pulling weird faces was definitely a first for me. Eddie claims he has no idea what he is doing, if that is the case, he is the most flukey-ist person I have met! His style of “drunken samba dance” shooting was as hilarious as my “bunny hop- puffa fish” style of modelling

Also Eddie enjoys eating as much as me, we even ate lots of sweets…our excuse was to use the sweet wrappers in my hair…. We even had Nandos! :)

Eddies photoshop skills are excellent also and it was a privilege to watch him work his magic…

I would shoot with Eddie everyday if I could, what a lovely, funny and wonderful guy he is! I really hope I get the chance to work with him again and we can create some more drunken dancing animal images!

Seriously do not pass up the opportunity to work with Eddie! He is Da Man! :)

Jo Louise

WOW!! what can i say! .. omg, i had the best time EVER shooting with Eddie!! He made me feel at ease straight away, totally down to earth and so very funny!!! He is so lovely, and one of the most creative and fun Photographer’s iv’e had the privelidge to work with this year!! I was actually really nervous about shooting with Edddie!!! I don’t get nervous about shooting with anyone (except playboy lol!!) but Eddie was fantastic!! He took me right out of my comfort zone.. away from my usual ‘safe’ work of glamour / cute / sexy / nice … and into Raw, Edgy, Off the Chain, and just different… and weird… and slightly crazy lol.. but it worked, we didn’t have much time to shoot but will definitely be shooting with Eddie again soon, and i was amazed at some of the pics we produced!!! I’m sooo excited to see the finished results!!! Eddie is just on top of his game, he knows how to get the most from a session and how to capture different amazing images that probably break all the rules in the Photography Rule book, but who cares, they bloody work hehe!!! and they ROCK! Thank you so much Eddie!! You are awesome and i had a fantastic time shooting with you!!! Cannot recommend this guy enough!! xoxo

Daniela Moreno 1975

well what a Gem Eddie is, down to earth and completly proffesional.Eddie took me right out of my comfort zone but it was exactly what i needed.Since the shoot i have taken away some great advice that I’m not going to forget, i can not speak highly enough of him.Eddie you where a pleasure :)

Olivia Jane Brown

I had a location shoot with Eddie today, I can’t believe I almost turned down the opportunity to work with him! All because of a few stupid nerves! I had such a good time, it was so refreshing to do something totally different than what I’ve been used to and it was great to get abit silly/smiley/experimental with poses and facial expressions. Eddie was so easy to get on with, gave me all the direction I could have hoped for, with also giving me the freedom to do what I wanted at times. He was interested in getting me the kind of shots that would enhance my portfolio. I got to witness him editing a few of my photo’s inbetween sets and was thrilled with what I saw :). He was even kind enough to give me plenty of advice and guidance over being a new model and how to work my way up and get the most from it. I really appreciated it Eddie!

Don’t make the mistake I almost made if you get the opportunity to work with this guy!

I would love to work with you on a future studio shoot Eddie!

Thankyou for a great day and thanks for your encouragement and support :)


Ellamae 10

Well… where oh where do we start?!

I recently shot with Eddie at his place in Hemel over the course of 2/3 days, and i can honestly say *hand on my heart* that it has been one of the most productive/fun shoots to date. Eddie not only has the creative ideas and drive, but he has the sheer skill and persistence for them to come alive and really pay off.

Not only that, but to top it off he is an all round great guy, is extremely hospitable, and makes some mean noodles that are yet again another incentive (as if you needed one) to get up there and get shooting! To any model thinking of working with him – DO IT! Why are you even still reading this? Get emailing. And to any photographer considering tuition/or attending a group day – DO IT! I am one of the very privileged few to say that i have seen this man in action in the likes of photoshop, and i am still speechless.

Thus, to sum up, i have no qualms in 100% recommending him to all. Thank you once again Eddie, i cannot wait for next time :)

Julie Burville

Wowzer.. Ohhhh Eddie.. it’s not even possible to put everything I want to say down in this little feedback box.. you are an unbelievably talented chap who’s creative ability and outstanding never ending skills continue to produce photographic genius.. your eye for detail is on another level.. you know what works and never fail to get ‘the money shot’.. and not only this.. very, very kind and hospitable.. you looked after me, fed me and entertained me.. and even rescued me from my pesky car troubles.. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity.. and you also have superb taste in music.. my portfolio is gleaming with all things Eddie and is now greedily crying out for more.. in fact if you listen carefully you can probably hear it.. “We want Eddie.. we want Eddie”.. I genuinely feel honoured to have worked with you and simply cannot wait to come and visit again soon.. oh and.. do I hear snow???..

Much love.. J. x.

Ps: The teddy bear misses you and your fabulous tea..

Dava Jones

This isnt quite the normal feedback you you would expect lol. I am a photographer who booked onto the Superfly Group shoot on 6th Feb. Eddie was one of the organisers. I found Eddie to be thoroughly professional, and more than happy to share his amazing knowledge and ideas to fellow photographers. The shoot was awsome, and Eddie and the organisers really had the interests of the models and photographers at the heart of the shoot – money was a secondary benefit. From what I know of Eddie, I would recommend ANY model to book a shoot with him – you will get an amazing set of totally professional shots – and with such a nice guy.

Artemis D5

Eddie is great, Eddie’s work is wonderful and I was thrilled to be able to spend two days shooting with him. We had great fun and managed to create some very different and very funny images.

Eddie came to save me when I got lost, made me feel totally at ease and helped me with a different/new side to my modelling. I believe together we might have just about created ‘awesome’ ;o)

Thankyou so much Eddie, I too hope our paths cross again in the near future.

Oh and btw Eddie… “You have mail” 😀

Sarah xXx

Princess Leonie

Well what can I say about Eddie that hasnt been said before? Hes an A* photographer and a lovely lovely man, put me at ease stright away as I was in awe of his work and very nervous. He made the whole day fun but gave great direction and worked really hard to get the desired shot. I cant wait to see the results and I would shoot with Eddie every day if I could!

If you get a chance to shoot with eddie do NOT pass it up because soon he will be snapped up and taking photos for Vogue. Hes brilliant.

Update: Eddie eddie eddie!!! I LOVE this man. had two shoots over new year with him and enjoyed every second. He pushes you in order to get the best possible results but makes it so much fun. his work speaks for himself. amazing. could quite happily move in with him and shoot every day! in fact wheres my suitcase….!

Bailey K

I had such a great time today with Eddieeeee, my satnav got me rather lost and he kindly came and found me and showed me back to his!

It was lovely to have someone who wanted me to mess around and be silly!

I really enjoyed working with him and would do so again!

I would also recommend him to everyone!

Unless you have NO sense of humour of course!

Baby k

Had a great shoot with Eddie today. He has such a laid back and cool approach towards photography which is probably why his images are so unique. He makes you feel very comfortable and welcome in his home. We worked on some great ideas and think we got some really cool shots! Hope to work with him again. Thanks Eddie :)

Ultra Violeta

I had my FOURTH shoot with Eddie a few days ago!

It was a super fun and productive day! Eddie even brought us KFC for dinner!

He’s a lovely lad, comes highly recommended!

Hope to see you again soon Eddlet!

Angel of Darkness

Had my 3rd shoot with Eddie. we spend whole weekend shooting. And i must say it was amazing!it was way better than a whole week abroad relaxing :) !I enjoyed my self so much that i didnt even want to go home. He is so creative. Definatelly TOP photographer out there.Thank you Eddie so much for such a wonderful weekend!

Had a shoot with Eddie on saturday and what can i say wow i had so much fun enjoyed every momment of it, his a great photographer definatly knows what his doing, would highly recomend him to everyone. Thanks for the shoot Eddie.

UPDATE: Had a second shoot with Eddie now and it was amazing, i enjoyed every minute of it, he is most amazing photographer a model will get to work with, Id work with him again and again, Very Highly Recomended! Thanks Eddie for a brilliant day.

Leah Axl

Eddie is a very talented and professional guy. I absolutely loved working with him and I know we have produced some stunning images!

I am very much hoping to work with you again soon



Lydia T

I shot with Eddie yesterday at his home studio and really enjoyed it.

He had some great ideas but also allowed me to use some of mine. He made me feel very welcome and well fed all day and judging from the images I’ve seen so far we got some amazing results. I really hope all of my shoots will be as awesome as Eddies one. A brilliant start to the year and a real gem to shoot with. Looking forward to next time. :)

Amie Boo

I worked with Eddie last month at his home, Stayed over the night before the shoot, he was very welcoming and made sure I had everything I needed. Shooting with Eddie was fantastic, he gave great direction, had brilliant ideas, professional, has an eye for detail and I had a really relaxed time. I would shoot with Eddie in a flash, highly recommended and a superb photographer. Thank you Eddie.

Misty Model

Eddies work on his profile speaks for itself in terms of quality, imagination and talent, and i had the utter pleasure of being lucky enough to shoot with him yesterday.

Eddie gave great direction, had amazing creativity, and made the atmosphere fun and relaxed, whilst also drawing my very best out of me and creating some amazing images.

I feel very lucky to have worked with such a talented man, and hope i will get the opportunity again in the future. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Soul Stealer

I have always been a great admirer of Eddies work and jumped at the chance to learn from him. It was a throughly enjoyable day, one in which i have learnt a great deal and had what i have learnt already reaffirmed and refined. I came away from the day buzzing and brimming with new ideas and aspects to try out. I would highly recommend this fine photographer to anyone, be it a model or fellow photographer looking to learn something new.

Fleur du Mal

I shot with Eddie in September and can’t recommend him enough as a photographer. He has a fantastic eye for detail and produces some stunning work. He’s a pleasure to work with

Danny Doorman

Gr8 shoot at the weekend!! Can not wait to see the shots!

Please Email me them when done… Cheers.


Dominika Wenz

I had a pleasure to work with Eddie over 2 days and OMG Eddie is a Brilliant Person and Photographer!!!!!!!!Cant find the right words to say how fabulous he is but i had a fantastic time ….in the front of his camera…and still wasnt enough for me;)

Sooo easy to work with, great fun and incredible to chat with.I get something totaly different to my portfolio, and im very very very pleased!!!!!Love the pics!!!!!

Thank you sooooooo much Eddie!!!!!!!!!

If you have a chance working with realy LUCKY!!!!!!!

Cem 1985

I had a day of tuition with Eddie this week and I absolutely loved it! Eddie had obviously put a lot of preparation time in before I arrived, everything was well thought out and explained clearly and thoroughly with lots of opportunities for all the stupid newbie questions I had. After one day with Eddie I now feel more confident about photography and understand the principles of good photography. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Eddie to anyone looking to better themselves in the art form! He should be your first port of call ….Thank you for a great day Eddie!


Ray Liu

Well I had the chance to assist Eddie (from my recent forum post offering my assistance) and I took it. This guy knows what he wants, focused and determined. Theres an almost military precision to his working, and I mean that in a good way. I admire his way with his model and creatives. Its great to see how one of the people I admire on PS work. We all hve our different styles, so its great to step back once in a while and not be the photographer!

Niki Marie modelling

Another great oppotunity to work with Eddie, always coming up with new challenges and pushing the boundries. The results are still brilliant. I love working with Eddie and hope to continue our working relationship.

Thank you Eddie once again, WOW! Niki Marie

THIS GUY IS BRILLIANT. if you get the oppotunity to work with him don’t blow it.!!


Worked with Eddie again over the weekend on a body painting shoot. The pictures are “Fantastic”. I’m well pleased.

We will just call you “Mr Fantastic” from now on.

Nina Carmel

Met Eddie on a shoot at the weekend, he made me feel very welcome at his home,great photographer who is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to his work, really encourages you and pushes you on every single pose/movement to really help get the best out of yourself, highly recommended of course. x


Had a fantastic over due shoot with eddie today. He has such proffesionalism and talent that has to be admired. He has amazing work ethics, ideas and drive for great images and his career in design and majour publication really shines through. He works very effectivly and gives graet direction as well as making the model feel very comforatble.

Will certainly be shooting together in the near future.




Not long got back from my fourth shoot with Eddie. Each shoot just gets better and better and Eddie’s creativity continues to inspire me. Had a really enjoyable day being bodypainted and then photographed and i am so excited to see the results! Eddie remains one of my top favourite photographer’s to work with and i feel so privildged to have had so many oppurtunities so far to work with him. If you get an oppurtunity – don’t turn it down. Working with Eddie truly is an oppurtunity of a lifetime!!

Had a fantastic oppurtunity to work with Eddie last weekend on his feminine ‘Joker’ idea and had a great time working with him. He is funny, relaxing and easy to work with and enjoys a laugh whilst remaining completely professional at all times. He gives good direction to perfect poses and would thoroughly recommend him to any model – new or advanced. I can’t wait to work together on a second shoot and hopefully more in the future!


Emjay 6

Wow, what a photographer! Sooo talented, such a great laugh, and has an AMAZING eye for detail!

Seriously, if you’re given the chance to work with this guy, DO NOT turn it down! You will not be disappointed! :)


I’ve met Eddie a couple of times before, and this time I assisted him in a shoot with a male model. Eddie is very meticulous in his work, and he is excellent at directing the model. He also puts people at ease very quickly, and his background in graphics needless to say translates across to model photography very well. If Eddie chooses you for a shoot, it’s one step away from being chosen by God Himself!

Lilly Leanne

Brilliant photographer, great guy, fantastic day

Penny Campbell

(Aug) worked with eddie again a few days ago… he is such a star and his work never fails to excite! His technical brilliance, phenominal creative vision and fabulous directional abilities contribute to eddie being truely an outstanding photographer… book him now he can but add to the quality of any models portfolio! thanks eddie xx

(june) I had the extreme pleasure of working on a shoot with eddie and have to say that he is a truely fantastic photographer and lovely person… he knows exactly what he wants and provides wonderful direction so that the team can achieve it… book him now :o).

Eddie thanks for a fabulous day… cant wait to work with you again! xx

Sara Jx

I travelled to London to meet Eddie, I knew it would be worth it. He introduced me to a new modelling style. Eddie is a nice guy who looked after me during my stay. He is a talented graphic designer and photographer. By working with Eddie, I feel he has really boosted my portfolio. Thank you very much Sara


I believe Eddie’s photography speaks for itself, but just for the record I have to say – absolutely FAB photographer with great communication skills. I would recommend Eddie to anyone.

Also, he’s a lovely person, who made sure I was comfortable in any aspect throughout the shoot. Add lots of laugh, ninjas, exploding soup and a Rankin discussion – all in all great fun and a valuable experience. I would jump in front of Eddie’s camera again anytime :)

Photography by Nicholas

Had the pleasure of assisting Eddie on a photoshoot yesterday…..excellent photographer with great lighting skills……whilst dodging the heavy downpours of rain….im sure he achieved some excellent urban shots.

thanks again Eddie….was great meeting you and your team :)



Had a shoot with Eddie yesterday. He had to travel a lot to get to me (mostly because he didn’t know where i live when we agreed on shoot :P).

A lot been said about him before and i won’t talk about his work quality, since it’s amazing and he’s able to bring something new and interesting in every shoot.

Well, i spent half of shoot just laughing. That it.

Thank you Eddie:)


had my first shoot with eddie today and loved it. i was a little nervous before hand but as soon as eddie and i had a chat and began shooting the nerves went as he is a funny and proffestional man.

i would recommend him to other it was a Privilege to work with him.

thank you edie

Simply Divine

I worked with Eddie on Saturday (23rd) and I cannot rate this guy highly enough! Communication with him prior to the shoot was clear and prompt. It was a full on busy day and Eddie was rushed off his feet, but still retained his sense of humour and was friendly and fun to work with. The images I have seen so far are AMAZING and simply can’t wait to see all the others. If you get the chance to work with him, grab it with both hands, you will not regret it. I hope to work again with you soon Eddie, and thanks again for your hard work.

Sera Louise

Eddie’s direction during the shoot was exceptional. As someone who is more at home on the catwalk than infront of a camera, I found the experience amazing . He knows exactly what he wants, and gives detailed and clear instructions on expressions and poses. He also has a warm, kind and incredibly hard working nature. I sincerely hope we can work together on a project again .

UPDATE: had another shoot with eddie yesterday, eddie puts his models totally at ease and is funny and friendly . He was run off his feet but never let it show and was calm and kept his cool all day . I cant wait to see the results ! thankyou eddie , i hope we work together for a 3rd time one day !

Kirsten 1991

Did a shoot with Eddie yesterday was amazing. has to be one of the best shoots ive done. he knows exactly what he wants and directed me very well. he is polite and funny would defiantly recommend!

Frad Free

Working with Eddie. LOL. Expect outrageous ideas that would make a fine masterpiece in the end, and you can definately get great results since Eddie is such a perfectionist and great fun to work with! Absolutely loved it! Thank you again for such a fun shoot! xxoox

Jane Louise

Just done two shoots with Eddie…all i can say is if you get chance to work with Eddie as a MUA or if your a it! he is lovely, great to get on with..knows how to get he best out of people and an all round great guy…oh yeah he takes great pics too!!…cant wait to see them Eddie and would love to work with you again – J x (MUA)

Sinnes 007

Eddie, Eddie.. I had such a great time shooting with Eddie. He is very talented and open minded plus he really know what he wants which makes such a difference.

I have learned so much with him and can’t wait to see the result.

Must have to any model. And what a make up artist!! Well done you two! :)xxx


Don’t miss your chance if you can work with Eddie, he’s a real maestro. He knows what he wants and directs very well, yet he’s patient and laid-back. He’s a brilliant professional, I can’t stress that enough, but he’s also a great person to work with and I’m thus doubly grateful I could do a shoot with him!

Sarah Scully 4

Eddie is a true professional, even though he says he is not very experienced in shooting people, you would never know it as his work is exceptional. It was a bit of a hectic day as there were a number of models there for different shoots but Eddie kept his cool and had also pre-made sandwiches for everyone and provided us with an endless supply of tea coffee ginger nuts etc etc! He was really fun to work with and loves to wind up the models and MUA’s. He gives great direction and knows what he wants from each shoot, creating brilliant images. Eddie got me to be really expressive, pulling all kinds of crazy faces which was a first for me, but I know the images are going to be a great addition to my port…can’t wait to recieve them! Thanks so much Eddie, great day. x


Eddie is taking beautifull pictures. Is creative person with alot of ideas.

It was a pleasure working with him even we haven’t got much time.

Reccoment to everyone.

Easy Tigeress

As the other girls have said – if you get a chance to work with this man, DO NOT BLOW IT. I had a fabulous shoot with Eddie. I’m relatively new to modelling and I learnt a huge amount from him during the shoot. Eddie is honest, communicates well and is excellent at direction, particularly good if you’re new like myself. He throws in a good dose of fun as well (and jaffa cakes if you’re lucky.) Don’t get me wrong, you will be working hard, BUT the results will be outstanding – guaranteed. I can only thank Eddie for the opportunity and hope that he will choose to work with me again soon!!

Edward Lui

Today is the 2nd time I have assisted the great Eddie Cheng in a studio fashion shoot, as well this, I have been covering some behind the scenes shots. I thank him for metoring me with this and look forward to future shoots with him. I highly recommend him to many models alike looking to boast their portfolios, this is the man to work with!! Have a laugh, have fun, enjoy the shoot and all in all, produce great images 😀

Sasha 34 D

Wow! Had a great time, Eddie not only is relaxed and down to earth… he gives the most amazing direction, i barely had to think which makes a VERY pleasant change! He doesn’t take hundreds of shots cause he knows what looks good. Can’t wait to see the images and i just wished i could of stayed longer! Hope to work with him again! Thanks Eddie!!!! x

Zana 86


I have worked with Eddie so many times since my first shoot in December. He is nothing but POSITIVE, TRUTHFUL, COMMUNICATES VERY WELL, IS THE MOST ORGANISED, CHILLED OUT, EXPERIENCED, I REPEAT EXPERIENCED PHOTOGRAPHER I have worked with so far.

His experience in design, manufacturing and photography is beyond me.

I value every shoot I have done with him and feel lucky to have outstanding images in my portfolio. Thank you very much Eddie! zana

I had a great day working with eymc275 he has the most crazy yet amazing ideas and i have been lucky to pick up some great tips from him. He communicates very well and makes sure we have a plan for the day so that no time is wasted!

We have planned another shoot and have discussed what we want to achieve individually. The pictures from the previous shoot have been great.

Highly reccomended!!! A*****


Eddie is a great photographer! He’s fun to work with and also gives great direction, which makes any models job easier. He’s also very professional but still knows how to make a model feel comfortable! I had masses of fun shooting with him and I would recommend him to any model! Hopefully we’ll be working together again in the near future.

Thanks Eddie


Had a fab shoot with eddie today. Was a real challenge to do something different and i enjoyed every single minute of it!

Eddie was very welcoming and extremely professional at all times.

I had to wait months to work with him as theres a queue of models wanting to add his creative images to their portfolios – i feel very privilleged.

Thankyou for a great shoot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (note – stock up on memmory cards for next shoot with mary louise!)


Eddie was a wicked photographer! I went to his house in watford for a shoot. I was slightly late as the tube was delayed and he was totally fine. From the minute i got there he was professional and fun. The MUA and him made me totally at ease. I was even treated to a home cooked meal! I havent done much fashion work. his direction really got me trying new poses and expressions. He was honest and to the point about styling, make up and poses all the time. I cant wait to see end results. I cant wait to work with him again. If you can get him to work with you grab the opportunity. xxx

Ellie Price

Had a shoot with Eddie sunday and it was fantastic, a very comfortable atmosphere with a brilliant organised team, even a top chef preparing a gorgeous lunch in the back!! This guy really knows what he’s doing and directed me all the time to get the perfect shots . . a total perfectionist, can’t thank you enough, Ellie x

Zsu 1

Worked with Eddie and Wendie again yesterday, they are a pleasure to work with. His work is always 100% and his results are fantastic, again he looks after his models and provided lunch and drinks throughout the day. Would definatley recommend him to anyone.

Siuyan 115

I would highly recommend Eddie as a photographer!! He is very professional yet very fun to work with ^^. He is so nice and made lunch for me and the model and it was delicious!! The shooting environment was very comfortable and made me felt at ease during the entire shoot. Eddie is also very creative and guided the team with lots of ideas and producted great results.


Would like to thanks eymc for the oportuninty to do a great shoot with him it was great an amzing guy very profeshional and admited to what he does would love to shoot with him agian thanks zillah xx


Wow what can i say about eddie………..

Well on first impressions i thought he was a nice quiet man, but i was wrong!

He is a compassionate, funny, enthusiastic kind of guy.

He has bundles of ideas, and is always giving you tips on how to make the shoot the best it can be.


Another fantastic shoot with eddie, and even more funny then the last!

I do beleive eddie was looking forward to wendie throwing powder paint over me, but i have to say it was…… such a brilliant shoot!

Yet again eddie helped me along the way with what kind of expressions and poses to use, so i would not have to come up with all the ideas myself!

P.S has great taste in pizza places :)

Thanks Wallace!

With the help of props to make the shoot funny as ever and the photo’s very interesting..

oh…. and the constant supply of tea and biscuits, i could not of had a better shoot, and recommend this genius photographer to anyone and everyone.

Sarah x


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PHOTOGRAPHER .. Had a hip hop style bodypainting shoot with Eddie and truly enjoyed this shoot. Such a proffessional and made the shoot really enjoyable. Can’t wait for the pictures.

Thanks again….


had a fantastic shoot with Eddie at the weekend, such a proffesional, I’ve seen two of the pictures so far and am very impressed with the results! Cannot wait to see the rest of them! An amazing photographer who comes highly recommended!


Did the make up for a shoot with Eddie today. He is very professional, treated me with professionalism and was great with the model as well – I can’t wait for the images Eddie.


Had a very different and exciting shoot with Eddie on Sunday, but it was really good fun. He has some wicked ideas and is really really creative and got some greast shots. :) Really good experience and he made me feel very comfortable quickly. x

Strawberries xxx

I worked with Eddie on saturday and sunday. Hes a great photographer, really easy to get on with and a lovely guy. Would recommend him to any model, its well worth it. I have some amazing images. Thanks Eddie!

Yolanda 69



Lil mummy

have worked with eddie twice now, he is a fab guy with amazing photography skills. looking forward to doing future projects with him love lisa x x :)

Sammie B

I had a great shoot with Eddie, interesting and creative with a lovely man, considerate, professional and fun to spend an afternoon with. Hope we shoot together again soon!

Demi Scott

Worked with Eddie on Saturday, lovely guy, very down to earth and made me feel at ease, also as you can see produces amazing images xxx